Najran Co. Ltd. for General Contracts is an Iraqi-based company that was established in 1969 in response to the emerging needs for construction of Iraq infrastructure .
The company received the Class “A” Contractor’s Classification according to the Ministry of Planning classification, and developed into a reputed professional enterprise that captivated the respect and trust of the Iraqi ministries, government and civilians agencies.Our fundamental staff is well armed with optimum previous experience of living and working in Iraq who has gained extensive knowledge in managing work related security challenges and in adapting construction standards .

Najran Co. Ltd. currently owns its safety & QA/QC manuals.

Najran Co. Ltd. strives to be the best general civil and electro-mechanical contractor in Iraq by working closely with clients, maintaining an outstanding safety record, by taking care of its employees, providing competitive compensations and training.

Najran Co. Ltd.
is committed to work responsiblyto fulfill those needs in a secure, safe, an efficient manner, and to improve the lives of people of Iraq by completing quality projects that provide reliable electricity, clean water, environmentally healthy sanitation services and residential infrastructure.