Quality Control Plan

Najran Co. Ltd. is responsible for quality control during construction and for meeting end results for all design parameters. Najran Co. Ltd. is follow prescriptive contractual requirements in performing suitability and control tests. Najran Co. Ltd. may use their own personnel to perform the required sampling and testing or may use Government-Certified consultants or commercial laboratory organizations to perform such tests.
When the specifications require a Contractor Quality Control Program, Najran Co. Ltd. shall  establish, provide and maintain an effective Quality Control Program that details the methods and procedures to be taken to assure that all materials and completed construction conform to contract plans, technical specifications and other requirements, whether manufactured by Najran Co. Ltd., or procured from subcontractors or vendors. Although guidelines are established and certain minimum requirements are specified herein and elsewhere, Najran shall assume full responsibility for accomplishing the stated purpose.
Our program shall be described in general as follows:


  1. General Description: Establish a Quality Control Program to perform inspection and testing of all items of work required by the technical specifications, including those performed by subcontractors. This Quality Control Program shall ensure conformance to applicable specifications, including those performed by sub-contractors. This quality Control Program shall ensure conformance to applicable specifications and plans with respect to materials, workmanship, construction, finish, and functional performance. The Quality Control Program shall be effective for control of all construction work performed under this Contract and shall specifically include surveillance and tests required by the technical specifications, in addition to other requirements of this section and any other activities deemed necessary by Najran Co. Ltd. to establish an effective level of quality control.
  2. Quality Control Program: Describe the Detailed Quality Control Program in written document which shall be reviewed by the Engineer prior to the start of any production, construction, or off-site fabrication. The written Quality Control Program shall be submitted to the Engineer for review at least [5 ] calendar days after the award.

      c. The Quality Control Program shall be organized to address, as a minimum, the


  • Quality Control organization;
  • Project progress schedule;
  • Submittals schedule;
  • Inspection requirements
  • Quality control testing plan.
  • Documentation of quality control activities.
  • Requirements for corrective action when QC and/or acceptance criteria are not met.

Our Project Management PM services generally consist of the following:
1.    CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION: We provide construction contract administration, construction monitoring, create and maintain daily log of the construction operations, shop drawings, respond to RFI (requests for information), prepare contract change order documentation, prepare cost estimating for field change orders, prepare weekly and monthly construction reports, review and maintain  project schedule, document the construction with digital photographs, supervise and check laboratory sample testing, prepare documentation for field change orders, conduct periodic jobsite meetings, conduct or supervise training O&M personnel, prepare or supervise preparation of O&M documentation, conduct or supervise start-up and commissioning, prepare as-built drawings, provide home office support for large design contract modifications, provide project start-up & commissioning.
2.  FIELD OFFICE: During construction, the PM will be the contact point to communicate with Najran Co. Ltd. Engineers.  Temporary Jobsite Offices (Trailer) will be set-up at the Jobsite.  This field office will have the full support of the home office technical design staff of Najran Co. Ltd. Engineers, on call at all times.  We believe that the project designers should also be utilized as much as possible as field inspectors.  This home office support would be available to provide interpretations of the drawings when requested.  This home office support would be available to prepare any major field change orders.  Home office personnel would be on call as required to perform regular periodic project site visits as scheduled and/or as requested by our field inspector.  The services of the field office would also include the inspection of the construction, documentation of the daily progress of the construction, and the preparation of periodic field reports for distribution.

3.     PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  The prime purpose of the Project Management (PM) is to personally assure that works are complying with the construction plans and specifications and with the other contract requirements.  A Registered Engineer will always be permanently assigned as the Project Manager. 

4.     SITE MANAGER:  During construction, the PM will appoint a Site Manager (SM) to keep a daily project log, and to be at the field office on the jobsite every day to observe construction operations and report directly to the PM. 
5.      DAILY LOG:  The services of the field office would consist of maintaining a daily log of the construction operations as observed by and documented by the SM.  This would include photographs and narrative descriptions of the daily operations.  The entries of the daily log shall be copied and transmitted on a daily basis.

6.     SHOP DRAWINGS:  The field office would also maintain a log of the shop drawings submittals, forwarding the shop drawings to Najran Co. Ltd. office and to end user for approval, information, modifications, or rejections in the field office.  Two copies of each submittal would be transmitted to end user for comments, with one copy transmitted back to the field office with comments before release of the shop drawings. 

7.      RFI (REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION):  The field office would also maintain a log of the RFI requests submitted from Najran Co. Ltd. and will forward the RFI to Najran office for clarification if the SM cannot provide the answer to the request.  RFI's will be submitted in a numbered sequence and identified by the sequence number.  The SM shall submit one copy without answers for information, and one copy with answers to end user.

8.      WEEKLY AND MONTHLY CONSTRUCTION REPORTS:  The SM shall generate a weekly and monthly reports that will describe the construction progress of the previous period, the results of any materials testing, and any unusual occurrences.

9.  CONTRACTOR'S PROJECT SCHEDULE:  The PM and the SM will monitor the progress schedule on a weekly basis and determine the adherence to the project schedule.  Najran Co. Ltd. personnel are familiar with several MS Project software programs and some times create such programs for delivery as a starting point for scheduling the work of the contract. 

10.  PHOTOGRAPHS:  Digital photography has allowed us to take a multitude of pictures during construction without having to consider the cost of photographic development.  We deliver these photographs on CD-ROM's to our clients for future reference. 

11.  SAMPLE TESTING:  The PM would be responsible for taking concrete and other construction material samples for testing.  Local testing laboratories will be utilized if possible, and one of our materials testing consultants shall perform these services.

12.  FIELD CHANGE ORDERS:  The field office would have the capability of providing design and documentation of small field change orders.  Najran Co. Ltd. office would be available for design and documentation of larger scale field change orders if necessary.

13.  JOBSITE MEETING SPACE:  A jobsite office will consist of one office plus a conference room with a conference table, folding chairs and a telephone dedicated for use by the owner and/or engineer.  This facility will be supplied by Najran Co. Ltd... This will be used for jobsite conferences and meetings. 

14.  TRAINING O&M PERSONNEL:  The field office could be expanded with a small cadre of key Najran Co. Ltd. office personnel to be the base of operations to furnish preliminary training for O&M personnel that might be newly assigned to the project.

15.  O&M DOCUMENTATION:  The field office could be expanded with Najran Co. Ltd. office personnel to be the base of operations to furnish O&M documentation services if required.

16.  START-UP AND COMMISSIONING:  The field office could be expanded with Najran Co. Ltd. office personnel to be the base of operations to furnish plant start-up and commissioning services if required.

17.  CONTRACT CHANGE ORDERS:  Najran Co. Ltd. prepares construction contract field change orders to construction projects for a variety of reasons.  Users requesting building changes to meet changing mission or building function requirements can create contract modifications. 
18.  AS-BUILT DRAWINGS:  It is normally specified that Najran Co. Ltd. keeps two sets of blue-line prints on the jobsite for as-built record keeping as a part of the construction contract requirements.  Najran Co. Ltd. will be contractually required to mark each hidden feature and/or utility with an exact dimension so that these features may be located for repair and/or addition after the construction is complete. 

19.  NAJRAN OFFICE SUPPORT:  We stress our control to insure that the project is constructed in accordance with the contract requirements as defined with the contract documents.  We always have the field designers involved in the contract administration to check all of the shop drawings and be available for consultation as a minimum involvement in the construction. 

20. project START-UP & commissioning:  Najran Co. Ltd. describes commissioning of a project as construction completion; energizing the systems; loading the systems; starting all equipment; certifying that the systems operate within specified contractual requirements; training of the operations personnel to the point that they are understanding comfortable operating the equipment; and training of the maintenance personnel to the point that they are able to safely maintain the equipment.